About Total QA

Total QA was established in Denmark in 2009 by Mr. Amir Holm Ghabrial, a former ".Net System Developer". The company was called at that time Total QA Freelance and was specialized in Software Testing and Quality Assurance. It was a very successful start although it was a Sole Proprietorship Company.

In 2010, the company continued its success and was transformed from a Sole Proprietorship to Limited Liability Company (Ltd). The company name was changed from Total QA Freelance to Total QA ApS. Later on Total QA added two more expertise namely release and deployment management as well as change management.

Total QA through the past few years has enriched its network in Denmark and Nordic countries; the aim was to enlarge the accessibility to experienced resources within these particular IT fields: Test & QA, release & deployment management and change management and operate as IT Consultancy services within Scandinavia.

Total QA has also built a global network within offshore IT-projects field. We established a solid partnership with other offshore IT consultancies in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East where they function as executers for the outsourced tasks.

Total QA vision

To add a remarkable value to our clients Software delivery and bring Software Quality to a reachable level by providing different alternatives of IT services.

Total QA Consultancy Objectives

Total QA is not a body shopping IT consultancy as much as it is Quality & Service target minded. Software Quality is our first concern. We focus on our clients' needs and adapt our professional services to identify the specific goals and objectives.

Our core factor for achieving results is our process to identify needs, develop "action plan" with practical and realistic Test & QA solutions, and eventually monitor and measure our progress. We provide hands on QA consulting and support to the project management team to reach maximum level of excellence. So our main objectives are:

  • Marketing our own IT consultancy brand within Testing & Quality Assurance.
  • Understand our clients' business goals and provide them with IT services that meet these goals and gain their trust in our capabilities of doing that.
  • Provide more effective IT services & methods for software quality in IT projects.
  • Deliver value and improve the controls over the software delivery.

Total QA Consultancy Approach

Total QA follows a specific approach when delivering its IT services to clients with full understanding that each client has a unique situation and requirements. Our approach is based on the following aspects:

  • Information Management
  • We start our approach by collecting information about our clients, understand their needs, their business process, and their objectives & challenges. These information could be gathered by holding meetings, reading documentations or even observing an IT solution in production.

  • Provide Analysis and innovative thinking
  • The more accurate information we get from clients, the better analysis we can provide as a result. We provide creative and innovative ideas, add values to our clients' organization, smartly help them to overcome their challenges to reach their goals with the minimum effort possible and with the highest quality possible. We offer hands-on guidance and support from expert consultants. Furthermore we provide a truthful line of reasoning for our recommendations or present a specific business case as an example.

  • Provide Strategic Consulting (Short-term & Long-term)
  • Results-Based Strategic Consulting creates value for our clients by providing deep business knowledge and fully integrated QA packages of IT services across the project's complete lifecycle. These factors result in high quality products that are considered good value for money. In short-term strategic consulting, we focus on practical skills, integrating technical expertise, QA best practices and apply them to day-to-day project quality controls and actions which bring our clients closer to their goals and objectives. Long-term strategic consulting incorporates a long-term planning and innovative thinking.

  • Follow-up, Evaluate and Review the Provided IT service to clients
  • As part of our approach, we regularly provide reviews during our contractual period with our clients as well as a final evaluation for the IT service that we provided. The benefit of these reviews is the continuous improvement of our IT service delivery and getting our best practices into a solid competitive position within the IT market.