Welcome to Total QA

Total QA has rich expertise in testing & quality assurance consulting, and applies the combination of IT technical knowledge and the latest & most approved testing tools to deliver you most critical software testing on time, within budget and with high quality.

Each business has its own needs & requirements and each project has its own characteristics. Whether you require testing & quality consulting for IT project, or simply want guidance to the best practices for testing IT solutions for your business, Total QA has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choice.

Through Total QA wide range of experienced resources within testing & quality consulting, proven processes and methodologies, and knowledge of advanced technologies, we create the right foundation that truthfully meets the companies' satisfaction for software quality.

What does Total QA Offer?

Total QA is an IT Consultancy service that offers a comprehensive range of services for the IT market. We have extensive experience in providing services within the following fields:

  • Test & QA
  • Release & delivery management
  • Change management

These are our Core Consultancy Services that we would like to offer you.

Whatever your business type or size or project goals, Total QA will empower you with the required skillful and experienced team to achieve your goals and maximize your IT investments. We can join IT projects at any stage of the software development life-cycle. We can also review IT projects at any phase and provide our recommendations that will lift the quality of an IT solution to a higher level.